Available Kittens

Kittens leave for their new homes between 12-14 weeks of age.  They will have two sets of vaccinations, be spayed or neutered, dewormed  come with one month of Trupanion pet insurance and  very well socialized.

Praslin Cattarina and Risnsun Dax

Bitsy Boo

Bitsy is an adorable adventurer and runs up a tree faster than monkey. She loves her outside time and is fearless.

Born June 23, 2019


Wildnsweet Tai Lung and Dracarys Ashanti


This doll is a sweet silver that is a little shy right now but is very active with her siblings and you would never know it when it comes to playing tag. Love her expression and she has Mickey Mouse rosettes on each side of her.

Born November 1, 2019


Wildnsweet Tai Lung and Caia Caecilia

Girl ONE (silver clouded in her fuzzy stage hard)

Look at this nose leather....It is fantastic and absolutely boopable. You can see the shyness in her expression now but coming out of her sweet shell.

Born November 12, 2019


Wildnsweet Tai Lung and Caia Caecilia


What a little SHOWSTOPPER he is.  Roman is my little parrot kitty because he climbs up my back and loves to just sit on my shoulder. Can he hypnotize you with his GIANT eyes?  That has happened here already lol

Born November 12, 2019


Wildnsweet Tai Lung and Caia Caecilia

Magnum PI (silver in fuzzies)

Hey guys I'm a private I so if you are in need of finding lost food, toys or siblings you can count on me. I also love to cuddle.

Born November 12, 2019


Wildnsweet Tai Lung and Alacazam


My favorite thing in the whole world besides my mom is boiled chicken. I also love to chase a feather.

Born November 19, 2019


Wildnsweet Tai Lung and Adora

Moose (small rosetted boy)

Okay as you can gather the only things I like right now are my mom and siblings....oh and FOOD. Let's be honest when I grow up I'm going to be a lover that will eat you out of house and home.

Born November 27, 2019